6 Top Finishes That Will Transform Your Furniture

How do you choose the best options for your furniture and your space? With our Edmunds & bespoke furniture there are so many options to choose from. Colours, handles, legs and shelves are all important.

If even the thought of it gives you a headache, we have made it nice and easy on our website with our “optional extras” drop-downs. From solid oak, pine or to a complete painted finish, we can help.

Consider how you use your space:

  • Is it a busy room with lots of traffic?
  • Will you be using the piece of furniture all the time?
  • Do you store or display things on the top of your furniture?

Or maybe you need it to blend into your existing interior, (I’m sure we have a top that suits!). It’s worth considering if a contrasting piece will show off your existing pieces of furniture. Mixing old with new? (Putting it out there)

Here are the twelve most popular top options that we offer and will suit all types of furniture:

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Let’s concentrate on the wood type and finishing…

Solid oak – oiled finish (We use Danish Oil)

Oak is a beautiful wood. Oiling it can give a beautiful natural finish that enhances the grain. Oils penetrate deep into the grain, giving a long lasting finish. An oil finish requires some maintenance, we recommend re-oiling every six months or so to keep that stunning look. It’s a firm favourite of ours. And here is why…

  • Oil prevents warping and bowing
  • Creates a hardwearing surface
  • Provides good protection against water and moisture

Recommended for: Sideboards, kitchen dressers, kitchen islands, desks, hallway tables, dining tables

Edmunds Small Kitchen Island (3)

Solid oak – lacquered finish

Another popular choice of wooden top options. A lacquerer sits on top of the surface having a medium sheen level. The benefits of a lacquerer are:

  • Gives an even and smooth layer
  • Smooths out imperfections
  • Protects against heat & staining (We strongly advise using coasters!)
  • No maintenance required, making housework quicker!

Recommended for: Sideboards, kitchen dressers, Dining tables

Edmunds Painted 4ft Sideboard. moulded oak top. 2 drawers and 2 doors with adjustable shelves within. image showing southwold sky with chrome cup handles and knobs. choice of handles. EDM040

Pine – waxed (We use clear and stripped pine beeswax)

Pine furniture never dates. Although, it is getting harder and harder to source. Do not fear! We are still making many items in our workshop with a pine top finish. Wax finish being the most popular. It is a softer wood and needs to be periodically waxed, depending on wear and tear. As always pine has great values and offers:

  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • An excellent alternative to expensive woods
Bespoke pine wide workstation desk

Pine – Lacquered

Lacquered pine has several advantages:

  • Wipeable surface
  • Hardwearing
  • Easy maintenance

Recommended for: Bedroom furniture , bookcases, Dining tables

Pine – rough sawn

And last, but most certainly not least, is our rough sawn top. If you have a rustic style interior, this is a perfect option.

The rough sawn top is a good “all-rounder” and pretty much perfect for all types of furniture. Most popular on our dining tables.

edmunds painted farmhouse table with rough sawn top 4

Painted Finish

A painted top can be very versatile too. Here at Edmunds & Clarke Furniture, we pride ourselves on the very best finish. Using a spray application rather than a brush, leaving a nice, deep lasting finish throughout. A painted finish kind of speaks for its self but can also benefit from:

  • A sleek overall look to help blend into your interior
  • Various colour options to choose from
  • No maintenance required, perfect!

How Do You Take Care Of Your Chosen Top?

You (obviously) want to avoid scuffs, marks and damage. Why not keep them at bay by downloading and printing our “Care Guide” .

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At Edmunds & Clarke Furniture, we offer a wide selection of handmade furniture perfect for use anywhere in the home. We make and supply high quality and bespoke furniture for the office, the kitchen, the living room and anywhere else you need.

If you are stuck to which top options will suit you, visit our online store, speak with our friendly team online, or pay a visit to our showroom. Lets find the right top for the right piece of furniture, contact Edmunds & Clarke Furniture today.

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