Dining Benches

A popular alternative to dining chairs these days is the modern dining bench. A dining room bench offers a unique look to your dining area and has a lot of space-saving qualities. In addition, a dining set with a bench will allow you to mix and match furniture to create the unique style that you want.
Here at Edmunds & Clarke we have a wide variety of dining bench solutions in different styles and sizes. Choose from a range of existing benches available in oak or painted finishes. Alternatively, you can order one of our bespoke benches available in ten colour choices with either an oak or pine top.

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Benefits of a Modern Dining Benches

Having a dining set with bench in your home will offer the following benefits:

  • A dining room bench gives you the ability to seat more people at your table. This is great for parties and other large gatherings where additional seating is needed.
  • Benches allow people to sit closer which helps improve interaction. This is a great choice if you want to make your dining experience as social as possible.
  • A bench can provide both seating space and storage capacity. Benches can be made with lift-up seats or shelving to add extra storage.
  • Benches offer a variety of styles and shapes to choose from. You can choose round, square, L-shaped, or even standard straight benches depending on your needs.
  • You can use benches in any part of the home that you choose. They don’t just have to be for dining rooms: you can place them in the living room, hallways, bedroom, and more.
  • Bench seating offers a neat and uncluttered look to your dining area. They minimise the amount of furniture in the area while still offering full seating capacity.
  • Your dining room bench can add to the style and look of your home. Choose a colour and finish that complements the overall decor of your room.
  • Due to their design, benches do not block outside views as chairs tend to do. As such benches are a much better aesthetic choice overall.
  • A single dining set with bench is usually less costly than purchasing several chairs for the same seating capacity. In addition, you have more options for storage and versatility, making it a more cost-effective option.

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