Bespoke Hallway Furniture

Your hallway is the entrance to your home and the first room that a guest will see. But it can be difficult to furnish as it’s often smaller than other rooms. The perfect solution is to opt for bespoke hallway furniture, and there are many benefits to this approach.

At Edmunds & Clarke, we have a team of experts ready to design your bespoke hallway! Simply bring in a sketch or an idea and we can help you find a solution.

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Benefits of Bespoke Hallway Furniture

The biggest advantage of a bespoke design is that you utilise your space effectively. Ready-made furniture does not always fit well in awkward spaces, whereas bespoke hallway storage can be crafted to your specifications, providing the exact storage space you need. And since you have control over the style and colour, you can personalise your hallway completely. Every hallway needs a mirror so we have a lot of styles that will suit your theme. If you have enough room you can pair up a matching bench, but if space is an issue, consider one of our console tables to finish the look.

Our Bespoke Hallway Cupboards are an all-in-one storage solution. Crafted from the finest materials, you can make a statement as soon as people walk into your home! You want your home to have personality, and bespoke furniture adds exactly that. We work closely with you to ensure you get the style you want. You can add other complementary items such as a chair to allow people an easy way to remove and replace their shoes. Tie the area together with matching coat hooks to finish your bespoke hallway cupboards, and no room is complete without adding the correct lighting.


Create the Perfect Hallway Storage Solution

Creating the perfect hallway is a great way to set the mood for the rest of your home. It is the first room you see when you enter your house, so it makes sense to design it in the style you want. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have about any of our bespoke hallway furniture or to offer you inspiration. Call us today, and together, we can create your perfect hallway.