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Whether you are working from home or need a place to study, having good quality home office chair is a must. Our desk chairs give you the right level of comfort and back support, so you can work comfortably, even over long periods. Here at Edmunds & Clarke, we have a selection of office chairs in premium leather and fabric as well as a range of features such as height adjustment, back and side supports, and more. To view our range of home office chairs, why not visit us in-store or shop online.

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Benefits of Home Office Chairs

● Not all chairs will provide you with the same level of support for your back. If you try sitting on the wrong kind of chair for too long, it will put undue stress on your spine. This in turn will result in bad posture and even back injuries. So, fully adjustable home office chairs will help you to maintain the right posture while sitting at your desk.

● Another important feature desk chairs have over others is a backrest. Without proper support for your lower back, there is an increased risk of back pain. Having a backrest helps support the curvature of your spine as well as your entire back.

● Your office chair features a headrest to help support the head and neck region. Without the right head support, you can experience stiffness in the neck and shoulder areas. This in turn can lead to spondylosis, where the vertebra loses cartilage lining. So, having a headrest on your office chair will help reduce any risk of neck pain.

● A good office chair will always provide padding to support the hip area. Without padding, your chair may be too hard, which can then put too much pressure on your hips. A well-padded office seat will help support your hips and also ensure the pressure is distributed evenly.

● Your office chair is designed to have a positive effect on your circulation. By ensuring that your posture remains at 90°, the chair aids in blood flow to the legs. This in turn helps prevent your legs from swelling or becoming numb.

● Overall, a good-quality office chair offers the right level of support and comfort when working at your desk. This will help you become more productive and saves you from any distracting aches and pains.

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Here at Edmunds & Clarke, we have a wide range of home office furniture on offer. To see more of our range, please pay a visit to our Bury St Edmunds store or browse our selection online. To find out more, speak with our expert team today!