Choosing the right accessories for your home is essential! The correct accessory can add that finishing touch or even become the centrepiece, and our selection of clocks can help turn a plain room into something special. A clock is not just for telling the time, it will also add character and style.
A stylish timepiece can be a focal point in any room around the home, so we have a wide range of colours and designs for you to choose from. Take a look at our range below!

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Different Clock Styles and Where to Place Them

Living Room

Whether you opt for a large, easy-to-read clock or vintage-style with Roman numerals, wall clocks look beautiful in a living room. Our Evening Start Wall Clock is a popular choice as it fits well into any interior and will make a bold statement!


Choosing the right clock for your kitchen is usually an easy process. Crofter Mantel Clocks look beautiful in a kitchen if you decide to opt for a mantel timepiece.


For your bedroom, the clock’s main purpose is to get you up in the morning! Options like the Wren Mantel Alarm Clock will definitely wake you from your slumber, and the free-standing, open-faced design will complement any bedroom style.


Choosing a timepiece for your hallway depends on the style of your existing decor. Both free-standing and wall clocks can look tasteful here. Our Thomas Kent 32″ Summer House Wall Clock is a great choice if you are going for that rustic look!


Reasons to Shop with Us

Our experienced staff at Edmunds & Clarke are here to provide inspiration and advice, whenever you need it. Clocks are so much more than a practical item to keep you on schedule. Choosing the right clock will add character to any room, and the one you choose tells a story about your home. All of our products can be purchased online, or you can visit our store if you want to get some more advice. Call us today and let our experts help you find the perfect pieces for your home.