Decorative & Vanity Mirrors

Almost every home will have at least one mirror, and in fact, most houses will have several mirrors in a variety of different styles. Not only does everyone have different tastes, but mirror style will also vary from room to room. So our team has reflected carefully, and we’re proud to offer a range of mirrors to suit any domestic space. At Edmunds & Clarke, there’s a wide selection to choose from, including standing mirrors, decorative mirrors and much more.
Whether you need a bathroom vanity mirror or a standing mirror for the bedroom, we’re confident you’ll find it here.

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Where to hang mirrors

The advantage of mirrors is that they’re multi-functional, and not just for make-up and hair. A well-placed mirror can improve the light and the sense of space within any room in the house.

For example, placing a mirror opposite a window can make a dark room appear much lighter. It’s almost like adding another window, but considerably less expensive! Likewise, a dinner party in a room with a large mirror can take on the feel of a busy bistro.

In the same way, vanity mirrors don’t need to be restricted to the bathroom. They can be a useful and attractive addition to bedrooms, hallways and even living rooms. The truth is, there are no official rules to follow when it comes to mirrors.

Mirrors at Edmunds & Clarke

For a small room with low light, our Circular Grid Mirror could be the perfect choice. It gives the impression of an additional window, as well as improving light within the room.

There’s no doubt that small vanity mirrors are useful, and they can also be incredibly decorative mirrors. But sometimes you need the whole picture to make sure you look your best before leaving the house. Our Sudbury Oak standing mirror could be just what you need in your bedroom.

Extensive choice

Our collection of mirrors has been carefully collated to suit every style of home. For example, our Dorset Oak Vanity Mirror would suit a more traditional setting. But for something more contemporary, the smart Norwich Oak Wall Mirror could be the right option. The choice is extensive, and it’s yours to make.

You can purchase our mirrors both online and in-store. And as part of the Edmunds & Clarke service, we’ll offer all the help and advice you need. Contact us today if you’d like more information.