Wood Sculptures & Carvings

Furniture is obviously an essential element of any home, but accessories like wood sculptures can add the finishing touches. A thoughtfully placed sculpture can provide a focal point within a room, and our range of hand carved bird and wildlife sculptures will give life to any windowsill or bookcase!
Our wildlife sculptures include birds, animals, and fish, all of which have been hand carved and beautifully painted. We also provide carved wood wall art and wooden plaques for a more contemporary look. Take a look at our range below.

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Wood sculptures in your home

No matter how beautifully decorated or well-furnished a room is, without decorative accessories it can seem like something’s missing. One of our wood carved animals can help fill that empty space, providing a tasteful centrepiece for the room.  We offer an extensive range of wood carved animals and decorative accessories. So, whether your taste is natural history or modern art, you’ll find something to lift any room in your home.

The bathroom:

Themed bathrooms are increasingly popular, and decorative wooden accessories are often a feature. For a bathroom with a natural or nautical ambience, a beautifully carved bird, dolphin or whale could be the perfect choice.

The living room:

Your living room should be a reflection of your personality and taste. If you love wildlife and nature, why not show it with a beautiful wood carving of an Archipelago seal pup or Sitting Hare?

The kitchen:

Our decorative carvings are perfect for filling those gaps on shelves or windowsills. Whether it’s in the dining room or a bedroom, they can help you stamp your own personality on any of the rooms within your home. The carvings are made from sustainable wood to create objects you’ll never tire of looking at.

The perfect gift

If someone you know and love is hard to buy for, wood sculptures could provide the perfect gift! Anyone with a love of nature or a quirky sense of humour would be delighted by our decorative wood accessories.

Online or in-store

Our range of decorative accessories can be purchased online or in-store in Bury St Edmunds. If you need any more information our friendly team of experts are ready and waiting to help. Contact us today for advice or recommendations on products to enhance your home.