When it comes to a superior looking dining room it is hard to beat the craftsmanship of wooden furniture. That is why at Edmunds & Clarke we aim to offer you the best quality handmade dining room furniture available. Whether you need dining tables, chairs, sideboards or dressers we have expertly crafted dining furniture that suits your needs. Also, all our furniture is versatile enough for use anywhere in the home: from the bedroom to the living room.
Take a look at our range of furniture below to find exactly what you are looking for.

Benefits of Wooden Dining Furniture

When it comes to bespoke dining room furniture there are a number of benefits to choosing products made from wood:

  • As every dining room is different, you want to be able to use your space effectively. Wooden furniture allows you to adapt each element to suit your needs while not skimping on style.
  • Our wooden furniture is handmade and created with the utmost care and precision by skilled craftspeople. This ensures these items are of a higher quality compared to mass produced products.
  • By ordering wooden dining furniture you will be able to create a one of a kind style that is personal to you. Such furniture can become a part of the history of your household and may even become future heirlooms.
  • Bespoke wooden dining room furniture is often seen as an expensive luxury. That said, such items will far outlast mass produced items. This gives you much greater long term value.
  • By ordering your own bespoke wooden furniture you can help realise the dining room of your dreams. You can customise all aspects including size, colour and shape and create a cohesive style to your room.

Edmunds & Clarke

Here at Edmunds & Clarke we supply handmade furniture and accessories in a range of wooden materials including oak, pine and more. We are an independent business with over 40 years of experience. Our team offers high quality customer service and will always give the best available price on all our products. You may wish to see our wide range of furniture for dining rooms on display in our showroom at Bury St Edmunds. You can also purchase any of our products online with delivery anywhere in the UK. To find out more, please get in touch with us today.