Do You Have Room for a Tall Dining Room Cupboard?

A dining room cupboard allows you to increase the amount of storage space you have in your home. Before you start looking for a cupboard, you should consider how much space it will take up in your room. If you have enough space, a tall cupboard can bring many practical and design benefits. If space is a problem, it might be best to opt for a smaller dresser.

Once you know what size is more suitable, then you can find the ideal cupboard for your dining room. The team here at Edmunds & Clarke are always on hand to help you decide!

Pantry style larder cupboard 2 door and 4 pan size drawers

Create More Storage Space

Many people think that a dining room dresser will take up a lot of space in the room. While this is partly true, it will also free up lots of space in return and keep the area looking tidy. Dining rooms need as much space as possible as you want to ensure you can enjoy your meals without being surrounded by lots of clutter. A tall dining room cupboard means that all of your dishes, cutlery, napkins, and other dining essentials are put away until needed, maximising the available space.

The Focal Point for the Room

If you are lucky enough to have the space for it, a tall dining room cupboard can add style and elegance to your dining room. A kitchen dresser made of pine or oak creates a beautiful centrepiece that accentuates your home’s existing aesthetic. You can also opt for a painted finish to compliment your existing décor, and choose custom handles to make sure everything matches the style you are going for. The most important thing is to evaluate how much space you can spare and what the main function of your dresser will be.

Space to Display Other Items

Another great benefit to a dining room cupboard is that you can display other items and decorations to compliment the design of your room, such as collectible plates, dishes, and ornaments. It is also the perfect place for family photos, art, or anything else that you want to show off. Some sideboards have a hutch where you can display dishes that are inside. By turning your sideboard into a display piece, you add a personal touch to your dining room.

Declutter Your Living Space

If you have the space, the bigger the cupboard you have, the more decluttered your room will become. Sideboards come in all different sizes, and here at Edmunds & Clarke, we can even design bespoke dressers. If you cannot find the ideal size dining room dresser from our pre-made range, talk to us today about designing a custom-made dresser.

All our dressers are made with wood sourced sustainably. And we have many other products and furniture pieces that will compliment your dresser. Our dressers come with a range of features such as spice racks, wine racks, and much more.

Visit our showroom and take a look at the range of furniture available for your dining room!

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