Furniture Collections

If you are looking for furniture that will make a bold statement in your home, then our furniture collections are the perfect choice. Here at Edmunds & Clarke we have a wide range of collections available where it comes to furniture. Our furniture ranges are beautifully made from pine and oak and can also come with a wide selection of painted colour finishes.
So, why not explore our collections of furniture today and find the right style for your home. You can explore our range either in person at our Bury St Edmunds store or shop online.

Benefits of Bespoke Furniture Collections

  • Having a wide range of collections available will allow you to decorate your home with the scheme that best suits your style. Having a variety of designs on offer makes decorating your home much easier, especially when you can purchase them from one place.
  • When decorating your home, you need all elements to blend well with each other. If you try to purchase furniture items separately, then you may have a lengthy search to find each piece that fits. Buying furniture collections will save you this hassle and ensure each part matches well.
  • In cases where you have an existing style of furniture at home, then collections will help you complement what you have. Collections allow you to easily match new furniture to current items to keep everything balanced.
  • Ordering furniture collections allows you to buy the various elements in bulk. This can prove much more cost-effective than trying to purchase each individual piece of furniture separately.
  • With bespoke furniture ranges available you can choose not just the colour and material, but also the accents and other features. Collections allow you to choose the dominant design choices for your home that are sure to turn the heads of your guests.

Edmunds & Clarke

Here at Edmunds & Clarke, we offer a wide range of high quality handmade furniture pieces and accessories. Our bespoke wooden furniture is made from a range of quality materials including oak, pine and painted finishes. We are a proud family run business who has been serving customers in Suffolk and across the UK since 1977. To see our range of furniture in person come and visit our showroom in the heart of Bury St. Edmunds. You can also explore and order from our online store with fast delivery anywhere in the UK. If you wish to know more, our friendly team would love to hear from you.