Why You Need a Bespoke Drinks Sideboard For Your Kitchen

One of the most useful yet often overlooked elements of any kitchen is a good quality drinks sideboard. Drinks are a staple for most social events and quiet evenings; and having the right cabinet for drinks can make all the difference. You can find many bespoke drinks sideboards that come with different features including wine coolers, beverage fridges and more. You can even have one made according to your own design and preferred colour scheme. So, here are some of the reasons why investing in a kitchen sideboard will enhance your home.

Drinks Sideboard

1. More Storage Space

The main reason a cabinet for drinks is useful for your kitchen is because of how much storage it offers. Sideboards come with a range of storage options that allow you to keep drinks in a safe place until needed. From bespoke racks that keep your wine collection hidden away (yet within easy reach), to fridges and coolers that keep your beverages cool and refreshing, your cabinet can easily serve as the one stop solution for all your drinks storage needs.

2. Stylish Focal Point

Not only do drinks sideboards offer a place to store drinks and a surface to serve them on; but they can also add visual appeal to your kitchen area. From traditional to contemporary designs, your drinks cabinet can become the stylish focal point for your kitchen. Sideboards add a feel of elegance and luxury to any home, and with a range of different colours and design choices will perfectly match your kitchen décor.

3. Bespoke for Your Needs

Every kitchen is different, and as such the drinks sideboard you choose will reflect your style and needs. Not only can this refer to colour and wood finishes, but also the features that the cabinet has. For example, those with a spacious kitchen are free to choose a large sideboard; whereas those with more limited space will need something more compact. Perhaps you prefer more space for wine storage over a fridge for beverages? Here at Edmunds & Clarke we can build and supply a unique sideboard that exactly meets your needs.

4. Versatile Storage Units

Having a kitchen sideboard with wine rack is perfect for drinks storage, but can also be used for many other purposes. They are great for storing glasses, cutlery and other kitchen items. In addition, the top of the cabinet can serve as a surface for vases, pictures and other ornaments to liven up your room. You can even choose to have them in any room of the house, or use it as a room divider in open plan homes. So, no matter what you decide to use it for, your sideboard will be a great investment for your home.

Edmunds & Clarke Furniture

At Edmunds & Clarke Furniture we have a wide range of high quality cabinets and drinks sideboards perfect for any kitchen. To view our range of kitchen sideboards or to request a bespoke design, please visit our online store or speak with our friendly team today.

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