Handy Hallway Storage: 5 Ways to Create More Space

When it comes to hard working rooms in the home, the average hallway is probably the one that gets the busiest. With so much traffic and items tossed around, the hallway becomes cluttered very quickly. So, it is useful to look at ways to improve hallway storage so it can look clean and clear. Here are five hallway storage ideas to create more space in your home.

DIASHT Diamond painted small hallway table room shot

Unit Storage

Keeping all your items in a single hallway storage unit is an excellent way to keep space clear in hallways. Your storage unit should come with a storage bench with either drawers or a lid if space is an issue. You should also have a suitable wall mounted shelving unit with hooks for coats and hats. All in all, your unit should only take up as much space as your coats.

Mirror Storage

Having a mirror can not only brighten up the hallway, but it can also double as a storage closet. Mirror storage options allow you to keep coats, bags and other items securely behind an openable mirror. Depending on the depth of the mirror itself, you can easily install your storage so that it does not take up much space in the hallway itself.

Staircase Storage

If you have a staircase in your home, you can use the space underneath for extra hallway storage. Custom drawers built into your staircase not only add more storage space, but also make it easier to arrange items. Each drawer has its own size and shape; so, keeping your items and clothes well organised will be a lot easier.

Stacked Shelving

When wall space is limited, stacked shelving can be a great way of storing small items such as shoes. Stacked shelves can be as high as you need, depending on how many items you wish to store away. Stacked shelves work well in small corners and can be adjusted to cater for items such as bags, umbrellas, and other items.

Custom Hooks and Wall Dots

While wall hooks are a common form of hallway storage in many homes, these can often end up looking untidy and cluttered. Custom hooks and wall dots allow you to spread clothing out and place items where you need them. Not only do they look better and are more convenient, you can add as many to your hallway as you want.

Edmunds & Clarke

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