5 Innovative Bookcase Design Ideas

There are all kinds of ways to read electronically nowadays, but nothing quite beats reading with a book in your hands. Whether it’s a paperback you’ve read a thousand times, or hand-bound hardback, physical books have a charm that’s hard to ignore.

But even the biggest bibliophile won’t be reading all their books at once. When they’re not being read, books can soon start piling up. All that well-thumbed paper ends up taking up a lot of space!

That’s why it’s worth investing in a large bookcase. So, how can you get the most out of your bookcase when it comes to space, style and tidiness?

Create a Large Bookcase with Style and Substance

Firstly, when deciding on a bookcase, carefully consider your space. You could make a large bookcase a focal point of the room. Alternatively, you can fit it in a more subtle spot. Perhaps there’s an unused corner in your room, some space up high, or down low. Bookcases come in all kinds of shapes nowadays, so you can get creative with where you place them.

But what if you’re really limited on space? You can integrate book storage into other furnishings. This doesn’t just mean tables and desks. Building a bookcase in the space beneath your stairs will save on space, whilst looking homely and cosy. Or, you could create storage underneath or over your bed.

No matter where you put your bookcase, you’ll want to give plenty of thought to materials and colours. The look of pine or oak bookcases are great for homes with classic designs. But a touch of paint can give them a formal or rustic look. Would you like a smooth modern finish, natural colours, or to leave the grain on show? It’s up to you!

Next, you’ll want to think about the books themselves. You can order your books in different ways for different effects. You may want to order them alphabetically to make them easy to find. But organising them by size or colour is a great way to create some eye pleasing patterns.

Finally, a bookcase can store much more than just books, so don’t neglect some extra decorations. Consider adding some houseplants to the shelves, or some lamps or candles. Baskets on the shelves are a great place to store some smaller items, and keep the room looking tidy.

Shop Quality Oak Furniture at Edmunds & Clarke

Bearing those points in mind, you’re bound to come up with a bookcase design that is both practical and pretty. But where can you shop to find the right bookshelf for you?

At Edmunds & Clarke Furniture, you’ll find an amazing range of bookcases in all sorts of shapes and sizes. To browse our selection of bookcases, explore our website today, or pay a visit to our showroom in Bury St Edmunds.

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