Why You Should Choose a Solid Oak Office Desk

When picking out a new office desk, there’s plenty to think about. Firstly, there’s the size to consider. Next, there are the ways it will work around and support your tech. Then there are questions to ask about style, durability, and upkeep.

Playing a big role in all these questions is the kind of material you choose. A solid oak office desk is a smart and popular choice for a wide range of reasons. But why is this? How can a solid oak office desk meet your needs over other materials?

What sets a Solid Oak Office Desk Apart?

Bury oak home office large desk, 2 filing cabinets that hold A4 hanging files, keyboard drawer and cupboard with drawer above, ample space, light oak finish

A Stunning Finish

It’s not too hard to see the first benefit of oak furniture: its appearance. The natural grain and tones of oak lend furniture a warm and inviting feeling. In fact, solid oak looks so good it’s unlikely to ever go out of style and looks quite at home in just about any home! A range of paint options gives you plenty of colours to work with too.

Durability for the Day’s Work

The timelessness of oak isn’t just a design trend. A solid oak office desk also has the durability to support your work for years to come. As a hard wood, oak will withstand the weight of all your office equipment, and every stroke of a pen.

Easy to Keep Clean and Tidy

This durability also makes solid oak furniture easy to keep clean and maintain. Keep your solid oak office desk away from damp, radiators, and direct sunlight, and you’ll find it keeps its stunning appearance for years. All you have to do is sweep the dust away from it. Solid oak furniture can look as good as new decades down the line.

Fits with All Kinds of Furniture

When picking a solid oak office desk, you’re bound to want something that will fit effortlessly in with your existing home furnishings. Fortunately, solid oak complements a wide range of other materials and colours. Whether sitting next to bookshelves or bedposts, oak won’t disturb your existing style.

An Endless Amount of Choice

Finally, oak desks offer an unmatched range of choice when it comes to shapes and features. One glance at our range of home office desks reveals endless choices. When shopping for oak, you’re far more likely to find a quality desk that works around you. In fact, with oak, you could even opt for a custom-made desk!

Shop Solid Oak with Edmunds & Clarke Furniture

If you’re looking for a solid oak office desk to improve your home workspace, then shop with Edmunds & Clarke. Working closely with some of the finest manufacturers and suppliers, we bring the best in oak furnishings to homes across East Anglia.

Give our website a browse to see more of our range or call in at our showroom today to see our stunning solid oak furniture for yourself.

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