Update your bedroom with the new Clarke furniture range!

We are proud to introduce our new Clarke bedroom furniture range! Our Clarke furniture collection is proudly British-made, using first rate British craftsmanship along with the very best materials. All our furniture can be custom made to suit your tastes, and all our timber comes from local sustainably sourced forests.

One of the key features of the Clarke range is that it is spray painted, rather than painted with a brush. This ensures each piece has an even and long-lasting finish. Each Clarke piece is available in a wide selection of colours, and you can choose from a range of Farrow and Ball colours at additional cost, too.

Our Range

Edmunds & Clarke new clarke bedroom furniture room set

Our Clarke furniture range includes the following:

  • Multi drawer bedside cabinets, wellingtons and chests.
  • Multi door and multi drawer robes.
  • High and low floor end bed frames.
  • Single and double pedestal dressing tables.
  • Single and triple swing mirrors, plus much more.
  • Seven paint colour options: slate grey, mid grey, grey, trevi, mushroom, ivory and white.
  • Five top options: natural oiled oak, rustic oiled oak, honey oiled oak, matt lacquer and painted all over.
  • Three handle options: satin nickel, antique brass and pewter.
  • Bespoke sizes.
  • Farrow & Ball colour match available.

Top Tips to Care for Your Clarke Bedroom Furniture

  • Any cleaning should be done with a lint free cloth. Make sure the cloth is always dry before use.
  • Do not wipe the wooden furniture with a damp cloth, as the moisture can damage the wood.
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep the air in the bedroom dry, especially on rainy and humid days.
  • Do not expose the furniture to direct sunlight as this will cause it to fade over time.
  • If the furniture has any carving features, use a soft brush to dislodge any dust from the carved crevices.
  • Check what sort of cleaning products you can use based on the finish of your wooden furniture. If you’re unsure of what products are safe, talk to our team.

Designing Your Ideal Bedroom

  1. Choose a colour scheme for your bedroom: light and warm will make the room feel more spacious.
  2. Plan your layout with your bed as the starting point and other furniture positioned around it.
  3. Choose a bed frame that fits your needs based on size and storage needs.
  4. Add bedding that offers comfort and proper body support.
  5. Choose practical bedroom furniture that offers storage as well as style.
  6. Additional small storage furniture such as bedside cabinets and storage chests are a must.
  7. Choose blinds or shutters that can maximise the amount of natural light during the day while shutting out any external lighting at night.
  8. Select internal lighting that adds to a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in the room.
  9. Choose flooring that provides comfort and warmth as well as style.
  10. Make your bedroom your own space with bespoke décor such as rugs, wall art, and so on.

Edmunds & Clarke

Browse the collection online or visit us in store to learn more about the new Clarke bedroom furniture range. For more information about our Clarke range please get in touch with us today.

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