Create the Perfect Bedroom: Bedroom Furniture Sets

Is your bedroom ready for an overhaul? Perhaps you have moved into a new property and want to design a bedroom that is welcoming and your dream look. But just how do you create your perfect bedroom? Lets take a look at some ideas and see how bedroom furniture sets can compliment your bedroom design.

A comfortable bed

Making sure you have a comfortable bed and mattress that suits you is the first step. Don’t just order any old bed from the Internet, go and view beds in the showroom of a reputable company to see them for yourself. It is also a good idea to buy a new mattress at the same time you purchase your bed, making sure that the type of mattress you choose compliments the type of bed you are buying. Large beds can be comfy, but if you are looking for balance and space in which to move about freely, the size of your room will determine how big your bed can be. Your bed will be the focal point of your bedroom and will play a key role in establishing the image you are trying to create.

Choosing furniture that blends with the colour and plan of a room

You don’t want a bedroom to look cluttered. Neither do you want a bedroom to look too dark. These are important considerations when it comes to your choice of furniture. Solid wood furniture is always a good choice. It is available in a range of finishes and is very durable.

Once you have placed your bed, you can choose furniture that maximises function and space. The furniture you select should work with the size of the room. A good tip is to choose one key feature, such as a chest of drawers. This will not only be practical but will also be a statement to your bedroom.

Well-designed solid wood furniture made from oak, has aesthetic appeal and brings warmth. Today, bedroom furniture comes in a range of finishes, and you can easily find furniture that will suit the look you are trying to achieve.

Utilising bedroom furniture sets to coordinate

Bedroom furniture sets can comprise of different elements. Perhaps a chest of drawers and a vanity unit, or maybe a tall boy and two bedside cabinets. Whatever combination you choose, the units in bedroom furniture sets will be of the same material, design and shape. This creates symmetry, style and elegance and with the wide range of furniture available, it isn’t difficult to find what you are looking for at Edmunds & Clarke.

Bedroom furniture set

Finish the room with beautiful bedroom accessories

Your bedroom is coming together nicely. You have muted tones on your walls, a comfortable feature bed and some beautiful solid wood furniture. Soft furnishings, such as cushions and rugs, will complete your look. The fabric used for bedding, and the colour choice can also contribute to the overall look you are aiming for. You can also use mirrors which are strategically placed to create space and reflect light. Choosing bedside lamps that you can control without getting out of bed can add a sense of luxury and help with relaxation while also providing enough light to read by.

Ask for expert advice

If you want to achieve your dream bedroom but are short on ideas, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Edmunds and Clarke. We can talk through your ideas and offer expert advice and design ideas to help you create your perfect bedroom.

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