The History Of Harris Tweed

Up until we received our stunning Harris Tweed and Cerato brown leather armchairs, we did not realise all the fascinating facts that comes with this interesting fabric. Harris Tweed is truly dyed in the wool, i.e the wool is dyed prior to being spun as opposed to dying the spun yarn.

There are hundreds of distinctive patterns, carefully developed over centuries. Each is unique with the characteristics of subtle designs in complex natural shades that is unmistakably Harris Tweed.

  • Its waterproof
  • Soft & tactile
  • Tweed is a twist on the Scottish word for “tweel”
  • Each loom will have its own sound and quirks

Made from 100% dyed and spun virgin wool, for well over a century HARRIS TWEED has been woven with skill and care by crofters in their own homes just as it is today.

From the gentry of early 20th century high living to the catwalks and couturiers of today HARRIS TWEED has long been the choice of the discerning

Did you know that by law all HARRIS TWEED must be produced in the Outer Hebrides and nowhere else. Each inch of wool is dyed and spun in an island mill and every yard is handwoven in the home of a HARRIS TWEED weaver.

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