The finer details of our exclusive Edmunds collection

It doesn’t matter what it is these days, there is a familiar pattern to buying something.

When an idea pops into our head, we browse shops (Virtual or real!) for information overload and research. We peruse the endless list of options, UPGRADE, place an order then fall in love with our new purchase.

Whether it is getting the latest tech, a new car or home improvements, things just get more and more complicated! There are just so many choices in life now.

Here at Edmunds & Clarke Furniture we have spent years (Okay, decades!), fine-tuning and expanding our exclusive Edmunds collection. We are very proud of the fact we offer so many individual items in the range. Each one has been carefully thought out and tweaked throughout its history.

When we started initial talks with the clever people at our workshop, it was a simple concept and a simple product but as with so many things in life, the number of options has expanded! Much of this has been consumer-led and their insatiable demand for the latest gadgets.

Even changes in the way we live with technology, maybe even a bit of keeping up with the Jones’s! Luckily, manufacturing techniques and materials have improved, we are always looking at ways to keep things fresh and meet the demands of life.

We strongly believe that our list of Edmund’s optional extras is just the right balance between traditional simplicity and modern chic. It may still seem a little complicated though, trying to understand all the options – so without further ado, here is an informative list with some advice and the main differences between our upgrades!

Extras: Drawer Runners:

Smooth Action Drawer Runners
Soft Close Drawer Runners

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