Creating the Perfect Dressing Table for Your Bedroom

It’s probably fair to say that a standing dressing table is an essential item in most bedrooms. For some people, their dressing table is almost as important as the bed itself! So, how do you go about creating the ideal dressing table for your own bedroom?

Here at Edmunds & Clarke we have some ideas, and we’re more than happy to share them with you! Indeed, as an independent family-run business, we’ve been sharing our ideas with customers since 1977. It’s always been our mission to provide the best quality and service at the best possible price. So, let us help you create the dressing table you’ve always wanted.

Choosing the right table

The first thing to consider is whether you want a large dressing table or something a little smaller. This may well depend on the size of the room, so make sure you take that into account.

Before choosing a design, consider the style and decor of your bedroom. There are plenty of styles to choose from at Edmunds & Clarke in a huge variety of finishes. So, take a good look at what’s on offer before you decide.

Colour is important, too, and rich oak can provide a great contrast in a light and airy room. Alternatively, you could match a painted standing dressing table to a feature wall, or other coloured furnishings.

What will you store in your dressing table?

For make-up, jewellery, and even stationery, drawers are a must-have for many people. A good idea is to organise your things and work out what you use on a regular basis. From this you can make a list of what you’ll want to store in your standing dressing table. This will help you choose the best table to suit your needs.

Drawers with compartments offer the perfect place to store make-up and small items. It’s also a great way to keep your bedroom clutter-free, make things easier to find and save yourself time.

The right position

Deciding on where to put your dressing table is also important, and convenience is key. In other words, try and make sure you don’t have to move around the bed to get to it.

If you’re applying make-up or fixing your hair, a window will provide the best natural light. That doesn’t mean you can’t put it in a darker corner, but you may need a spotlight.

Top Tip: For a dressing table with a stool, a tilting mirror stand is generally a good idea. If you’re not going to be sitting, you can make a design statement with an attractive wall mirror.

Looking good

A well laid-out standing dressing table can be attractive as well as functional. It provides the ideal setting to display some of your favourite things. Photos, candles and even fresh flowers can add real charm to your bedroom space.

Visit us in store to view our fantastic selection of different bedroom dressing tables to best compliment your bedroom.

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