The Benefits of Having a Double Bed with Storage Drawers

Whether you’re working with limited space, or have space to fill, a double bed with storage drawers has a lot to bring to every kind of bedroom. Many of us store things beneath our beds because of a lack of space. But if your bed stands freely off the ground, this can look cluttered, and makes it hard to get to things when you need them. Opting for a double bed with storage drawers will help solve all kinds of bedroom design problems at once.

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How a Bed with Storage can Help

The main draw of a storage bed is its space-saving potential. When laying out a bedroom, it’s important to leave space all around the bed. In smaller rooms this can be difficult, as there isn’t much floor space left for wardrobes and drawers. Thanks to a bed with built in storage, you can help keep your bedroom clear of unnecessary freestanding storage.

But, this isn’t to say large bedrooms don’t benefit from clever storage! For one, under-bed storage can help reduce clutter. In both small and large rooms, this kind of storage will help you keep the room feeling spacious, airy and light. You’ll also find that a single or double bed with storage drawers will keep out dust; so you won’t have to deal with that unused space beneath the bed that becomes a haven for dust and dirt.

The extra storage space can also make your stuff much easier to access. You won’t have to put your things to the back of the wardrobe, or the loft. Built in drawers will roll effortlessly in and out, so you won’t be reaching far for your things.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of beds with storage is that there are so many to choose from. At Edmunds & Clarke Furniture you’ll find all kinds of clever storage solutions among our range of double beds for sale.

The Best of Beds from Edmunds & Clarke

With so many people opting for a practical double bed with storage drawers, more manufacturers have gone about combining smart storage with their beds. It’s easier than ever to find a double bed with storage that suits the style and personality of your bedroom. Whether you want a contemporary look or a traditional style, you’ll be able to find that perfect bed.

A bed is the centre of every bedroom. If you’re planning a shake-up of your bedroom, a new bed can help you transform your space. Maximise style and storage with a bed from Edmunds & Clarke. Visit us in store today to view our selection of beds with storage drawers.

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