3 Essential Pieces of Kitchen Furniture You Need in Your Life!

The kitchen is the heart of the home and as such you want the best kitchen furniture to make it perfect. To enhance your kitchen experience you need furniture that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. From comfortable dining furniture to excellent storage solutions, it is vital to think about what furniture will make your ideal kitchen complete. At Edmunds & Clarke we have a wide range of quality kitchen products that will improve your kitchen area. So let us look at three essential pieces of furniture we believe every kitchen needs.

Kitchen Furniture - Sideboard with Wine Rack

Dining Benches

Not only do dining benches offer a unique and sometimes quirky alternative to chairs, they also use less space in the kitchen. Dining benches provide more seating capacity, which is great for large gatherings where you need guests to mix comfortably. You can arrange these benches in any pattern you require and they offer a much less cluttered seating set-up compared to chairs. They are also a more cost-effective form of kitchen furniture compared to chairs due to their increased seating capacity. At Edmunds & Clarke we offer a selection of oak and painted dining bench options in different sizes and styles. We also offer bespoke services and up to ten colour finishes with a choice of oak or pine top.


One of the most versatile pieces of kitchen furniture is the humble sideboard. Not only are sideboards perfect for storing plates, cups and other crockery, but they also make a great serving table. Not only do they grant you extra storage space, but sideboards also enhance the overall look of your kitchen area. The versatility of sideboards mean they can be used for serving buffets or for holding food processing and coffee making machines. At Edmunds & Clarke we offer a range of painted, oak or pine kitchen sideboard options as well as custom-made options. Our sideboards are available in sizes between 3ft and 10ft!, and come in 10 colour finishes.

Wine Racks

For any wine connoisseur, a wine rack is a must-have piece of kitchen furniture. Whether you want to store a few bottles or an entire collection, having a wine rack will keep your bottles safe and secure. Wine racks also add to the sophisticated look of your kitchen area. At Edmunds and Clarke we offer a range of free-standing wooden wine rack options for your kitchen. All wine racks are made to measure and painted with oak or pine top.

Why Use Edmunds & Clarke For Your Furniture Needs?

At Edmunds & Clarke we have been providing top quality furniture solutions to clients throughout East Anglia since 1977. As a family run business we believe great customer service is the key to our success. We stock high quality and custom furniture at competitive prices and offer a premium delivery service. To find out more contact us online or visit our friendly team at our Bury St Edmunds showroom. For the perfect kitchen furniture solutions for your home contact Edmunds & Clarke today.

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